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celegorm's Journal

Celegorm The Fair
Celegorm the Fair was the third of the seven sons of Fëanor. The most ambitious of the seven, he followed the oath of his father with the greatest ardor, and this led him to his destruction.

curufinwe - Fëanor, my dad.
xxnerdanelxx - Nerdanel, my mom.
maedhrosthetall and maglor Big Brothers.
caranthir curufin ambarto amras Little Brothers.
celebrimbor - Nephew. Haha.

yavien - My baby!
aredhel - My, uh... other baby. ;)

ghostofisildur valandil ladyamarie queenarthur duskdancer andreth arwenundomiel lothiriel emeldir - various girlfriends and other chicks that are cool.
amarië, aredhel, arthur, creepin' out beren, cuban cigars, elladan the puppy, hello it's us again, huan, huntin', isildur the temptress, lúthien, masses against the classes, me, mordor pizza express, my dad, my hound, my six pussy brothers, not gold paint, not that bitch andreth, not trailer parks, oromë, red stripe beer, smashing uruk-hai, smokin', théodwyn, valandil, valinor, wooin', yavien